Friday, January 4, 2008

Setting Up The Wood Boiler

This is a continuing story of how we designed our own wood heat system to warm our house and keep the mess outside. This old farm house was never warm. A staircase in the living room let all the heat go right up the stairs.

We used to heat with a wood stove in the kitchen but switched to gas when we found out the chimney was bad. Even with the gas heater, it still was not warm in the house.

The first $440.00 gas bill for the month set me in motion to heat the house with wood again but keep the mess and fire outside keeping the house clean and safe. I moved an old inside wood boiler that used to heat a chicken house that I had traded $200.00 in labor for, into place about 70 feet from the house.

This boiler had the pumps mounted on the boiler and was designed to be used in a pressure system.

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